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Woodworm Killer. ProBor 50 Boron Wood Preservative Paste (400ml cartridge/tube)


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Amount: 400ml
Apply 1 litre per 2 - 3 m2 of timber
Re-entry time 48 hours or until surfaces are dry
  • Triple action
  • High level of active ingredient
  • Deep penetration
  • Ideal for joist ends & window frames
  • Excellent diffusion


ProBor 50 is triple purpose approved for use as a woodworm treatment, dry/wet rot prevention, and as a masonry sterilant. With a high level of active ingredient, boron, and a gel formulation, ProBor 50 combines to provide excellent penetration into timber and masonry.

It is supplied in a 400ml cartridge for use with a standard mastic gun. ProBor 50 is designed to be injected into timber or masonry and can also be applied to the surface of timber, although it should be noted that a white deposit will be left.

ProBor 50 is commonly used as a wood preservative when treating large dimension timbers. It is injected into timber via pre-drilled holes, thus ensuring complete distribution of the active ingredient deep within the wood. In general, 10mm holes spaced no more than 150mm apart are recommended.

Other common areas of application include the treatment of joist ends and wooden window frames.

ProBor 50 is ideal for use as a masonry sterilant. Because of its highly concentrated formulation, high levels of active ingredient can be injected into masonry without introducing large volumes of water. This is of enormous benefit when treating dry rot.

It replaces dated boron rod technology with better diffusion into timber and masonry and has a low odour formulation. Diffusion of ProBor 50 starts well below the 18-22% moisture level where wood becomes suscepible to dry rot. Boron rods do not start to diffuse until a moisture content of more than 30% is reached.

Downloadable Datasheets

PDF Probor50 MSDS Datasheet PDF

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This product is an effective dry rot and wet rot treatment gel, designed to be injected into timber or masonry

Recommended to be used as a wood preservative and injected into large dimension timber via pre drilled holes.

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