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Polyester Resin 300ml Grey


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Polyester Resin 300ml Cartridge

Styrene Free Polyester Resin is used for the permanent fixing of wall ties, helical spiral bars, underwater anchors and damp substrate, starter and extension bars, machines and rail and crane tracks.  It can be used in many operations and is more beneficial over mechanical fixings. Polyester Resin is waterproof and vibration proof, once cured.


  • the optimum ratio of resin and activator is dispensed by the cartridge
  • the patented nozzle ensures total mixing
  • the cartridge system ensures that personal contact with the resin is minimised
  • it does not rely on expansion to ensure a fixing and as a result can be used both for fixings in weaker substrates and with reduced edge distances
  • the nature of the resin used allows a degree of vibration resistance in situations with dynamic loads
  • metallic fixings encased in resin have a high degree of corrosion protection
  • can be used with black, zinc plated, galvanised or stainless steel bolts
  • provides extremely high pull-out loads

Instructions for use:

For the 300ml cartridge, unscrew cap and cut clip off before attaching the mixer nozzle on. Fit the cartridge into the applicator gun and gradually apply pressure to the trigger and eject approximately the first 10ml or so of resin until it is an even colour.

Insert the nozzle into the hole and gun the resin out, removing the nozzle slowly as the hole fills up. When sufficient resin is in the hole, release pressure from the gun and place the stud to be fixed into the hole with a twisting action to ensure full contact between hole, resin and stud. Allow to cure fully before loading. Please see label on cartridge for full installation instructions.

Cartridge will fit most 300ml caulking guns 

Note: A mixer nozzle is supplied with each cartridge. These cannot be cleaned or used at a later point therefore extra nozzles may be required. 

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