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RUK Restor 22 Mouldable Wood Epoxy Paste (1kg)

 Size1 kg
 ColourDark Brown
Standard Delivery: £9.50 +VAT

£78.00 (Incl VAT)

(Excl VAT)


RESTOR 22 is a two-part epoxy paste, which is carvable and mouldable.  The resin component is a light brown epoxy resin paste, which is mixed in equal parts with the hardener, which is friable and dark brown, to provide a cold setting wood-like material.  This wood paste is well suited for facing-off beam repairs where the uncured material may be grained to match the existing timber and for filling in tack damaged, rotten or woodworm infested furniture and similar items.  It can be used to remake profiles or replacement pieces for furniture or similar and is notable for its ability to take tacks and to hold them without fracturing.


RESTOR 22 remains in place on contoured and vertical surfaces, and, on cure, forms strong bonds to most structural materials wood, metals, and glassfibre reinforced laminates. The cured material can be planed, chiselled, drilled, and worked with carpenters’ tools in the same manner as wood -with the added advantage of constancy in carving as there is an absence of grain and knots. GLASS RODS may also be incorporated to restore structural integrity to the framework of furniture. Epoxy Paste is a heavily filled, mouldable product for restoration of lost detail.


Weigh out the components on to a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface. Use a flat blade (palette knife) or well gloved heel of the hand to thoroughly blend the two until uniform in colour throughout.


The following time holds good for 20C. 500grams of mix is usable for ca. 50-60minute, this may be prolonged by spreading into a thin layer to dissipate exothermal heat eg. a 5mm layer of mix is usable for about 1.5 hours.


Again to avoid heat build-up it is recommended that the mix be applied in thin layers and allowed to gel before adding a further layer and so on. Small repairs however, may be filled in one operation without the risk of exotherm.


Allow to cure at room temperature. After 14-24 hours the RESTOR 22 paste is ready to be worked with the preferred woodworking tools. Full strength is reached in 36-48 hours.


Whilst equal quantities of resin and hardener measured by eye will cure, weighing is preferred as then you are not left with an excess of either resin or hardener: a simple digital scale is recommended.

It is recommended that the hardener is placed first onto the spot-board, flattened a little and the resin placed above; this makes for easier mixing.

The mix may be sticky should the temperature be above 15 degree C and dusting with a powder (even plain cooking flour will suffice!) as it will be completely absorbed into to total mix.


Restor 22 Resin and Hardener are, in general, quite harmless provided certain precautions are always taken when handling chemicals are observed. The uncured materials should not come into contact with the skin: the wearing of impervious gloves of rubber or plastic along with eye protection is necessary. Hands should be washed after each period of work by washing with soap and warm water, do not use solvents and dry using paper, rather than cloth, towels. It is recommended that there be adequate ventilation of the work area.

For a pourable timber resin, please see Restor 23

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