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Roxil Patio Cream for Patios and Paved areas


£ 39.60 (Inc VAT)
£ 33.00 (excl VAT)



Sizes available: 3L & 5L
5L Coverage: Approx 25m²
UK Delivery: £5.00 inc VAT
  • Single coat application
  • Reduces mould, algae & lichen growth
  • 10 year Waterproofing


Roxil Patio Cream is a silicone cream emulsion that weatherproofs patios and paved surfaces for 10+ years with a single coat. The powerful cream bonds with the patio or paving slab surface and deposits a ‘locked-in’ biocide that significantly reduces surface mould and algae growth.

The treatment does not change the natural appearance or texture of the patio or paving surface. It also stops the growth of ingrained lichens, making it possible to use non-destructive soft cleaning methods. As a result, a Roxil treated patio will require less maintenance and will last longer than an untreated patio.

Moss, lichen & Algae Growth

Most patios start to look tired and unclean because moss, lichen and black algae begins to grow. Deep-rooted lichens in particular can be very difficult to remove.

Roxil Patio Cream penetrates into the patio or paving surface and forms a waterproof barrier whilst depositing a ‘locked-in’ biocide that dramatically reduces biological growth. Any surface growth that does occur can be easily cleaned using Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.

Soft Washing for Longer Life

Porous patio and paving materials can become dirty very quickly due to ingrained dirt and biological growth. The stubborn nature of the ingrained dirt leads to the common use of pressure washers to clean patio and paving surfaces.

Pressure washing can cause significant damage to the surface of patio / paving slabs and can totally destroy the mortar joints between them. A Roxil treated patio or paved surface resists ingrained dirt and biological growth meaning it can be cleaned with the effective and non-destructive Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.

Retain Natural Appearance

Traditional patio and paving preservers often dramatically alter the appearance of the surface that they are treating. Many competing products leave a sheen or ‘wet-look’ that can be undesirable.

Roxil Patio Cream’s unique formula creates an invisible waterproof barrier. There is no change to the texture or appearance of the treated patio / paving surface, ensuring that the natural beauty of the material is retained.

Roxil Patio Cream Application

Brush away any loose debris from the area to be treated. If cleaning is necessary, it is recommended to use Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner.

Apply small amounts of Roxil Patio Cream directly to a section of the treatment area and distribute evenly using a brush or roller before repeating the process on the next section.

Allow the cream to absorb into the stonework / patio slabs for 24 hours until they appear dry.

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