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RUK Renovating Plaster 25kg


£ 22.80 (Inc VAT)
£ 19.00 (excl VAT)



Weight  25kg 
Coverage 25kg will cover approximately 3m² at a thickness of 10mm

RUK Renovating Plaster is a pre blended lightweight plaster that has been specifically designed to control damp in older properties, it has similar properties to a traditional 1:1:6 cement/lime/sand plaster but includes lightweight aggregates to improve thermal insulation.

RUK Renovating Plaster provides an effective barrier against mineral salts whilst the alkalinity of lime in the blend inhibits mould growth. Synthetic fibres are incorporated to reduce shrinkage cracking and increase flexural strength.

RUK Renovating Plaster is a breathable system that allows the transfer of vapour moisture, therefore allowing the substrate to dry naturally by effectively controlling moisture movement rather than trying to stop or redirect it. It has excellent insulation properties due to the low bulk density of the perlite lightweight aggregate.

The Plaster is mixed and applied in the same way as a traditional gypsum based plaster, but is quicker drying, therefore enabling earlier decoration.

A skim coat can be applied to this plaster.

Uses include:

Repairing plastering after DPC insertion.

Sympathetic restoration of historic buildings.

Cellar/basement conversion teamed with cementitious tanking systems e.g. Restoration UK Tanking Mix.

North facing or cold external walls.

Instructions for Use


Hack off old contaminated plaster and rake out the joints and in particular any loose mortar. Wire or stiff brush the substrate to remove all fines, and as much dust as possible. All mould, salt, oils or foreign substances must be removed prior to plastering. Timber noggins, cracks or poor bricks should be isolated with EML (expanding metal lath). Low suction backgrounds such as concrete lintels, engineering bricks, dense stone masonry may be coated with RUK SBR to enhance bond.


Add RUK Renovating Plaster to clean, uncontaminated water and mix until plaster consistency is achieved. Let it stand for two minutes to allow lime to fully hydrate, then mix again before applying. Placing RUK Renovating Plaster should be applied 10-12mm thick and lightly scratched to provide a key for the finishing tight coat. Greater thickness may be achieved by dubbing out and allowing to dry for at least 24 hours before application of subsequent coat.

One 25kg bag will cover approximately 3m² at a thickness of 10mm.

Typical Properties @ 20°C

Compressive strength 28days 3N/mm2

Flexural strength 28days 1.5N/mm2

Working life 60 minutes Set Time 120 minutes

Drying time 24 hours

Bulk density 800kg/m3

Downloadable Datasheets

PDF RUK Renovating Plaster Datasheet PDF

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