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Telemetry Alarm System


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Lead Time: 3 working days from order
Design: Aesthetically pleasing design
Siren: Built in audible siren (Separate hard wired 110db siren supplied)
Notifications: • WiFi (2.4Ghz) push notifications to both Android and IOS mobile phones.
• Multiple mobile phones can be notified by WiFi simultaneously.
• GSM notifications via text message and auto dialler - max 5 numbers.
Float Switches: • Up to 4 hard wired float switches.
• Up to 99 wireless float switches (Using wireless float switches enables the alarm panel to be installed at ground level, to take advantage of GSM signals and property WiFi). supplied with both the float switch with a 5m cable and a wireless transmitter if required.
Sump Chambers:  Ability for multiple sump chambers with only 1 panel
Power: Mains powered alarm panel via mains socket or USB
Battery: Internal lithium iron battery for standby power up to 8 hours - optional extra larger external battery can be supplied for greater standby duration
Security: Keypad Lock via code
 APP functions: • Using Wi_Fi APP remotely monitor and operate multiple alarm panels.
• Operate/test panel remotely via mobile phone APP.
Supplied: Supplied with broken finger float switch (5m cable) and wireless transmitter complete with 23a battery. Sewage float switch optional extra
Optional Extras: Wireless siren- audible/visual - blue flashing LED - mains/internal battery. Can be remotely located within the property - up to 100m

Alarm Signals/push notifications:

  • Notification for mains AC power disconnected. This is a significant feature of our alarm. When the mains power supply for the alarm is taken from the pump power supply, in the event of pump power failure, an alarm notification is transmitted. The benefit of this is knowing in advance that the pump is not working before the water level reaches its critical point.
  • Notification for mains AC power recovered. In the event that the power failure is short this can save time travelling to a call out. It has also proven to be an advantage when remotely monitoring a clients pumps. Clients often call out electricians who isolate the pump power supply without realising the potential problem. One phone call to the client can save an unnecessary call out.
  • Alarm for float switch activation - with a dual pump chamber, fitting 2 float switches, 1 between the water level of both pumps plus a high level float switch provides early waring that the main pump has failed and the system is working on the back up pump, then the high level float for complete failure.
  • Notification of low internal alarm battery power. Useful to know that there will shortly be no further alarms or notifications from the alarm.
  • Notification low battery in float switch transmitter. If using the wireless transmitters for the float switch, no need to worry about the battery running out and not getting an alarm signal. The panel will send a notification that the battery status is low.

Product Installation:

  • Separate instruction for Installers and End Users.

Downloadable Datasheets

PDF Telemetry Alarm Datasheet PDF
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