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PRO Dual Sump Station Fitted with KSB301 Auto Pumps


£ 870.00 (Inc VAT)
£ 725.00 (excl VAT)


Lead Time: 3 working days from order
UK Delivery: £8.00 plus VAT

This popular twin sump station was designed with the installer in mind. It comes fully built up with no special tools required to install. The chamber is 70cm diameter x 65cm tall. We have incorporated a 450mm diameter standard riser x 15cm tall into our design. This can accept most standard, off the shelf, risers if the installer needs to extend it. We supply a round 450mm plastic inspection chamber frame and lid, which can easily be changed for an other standard lid, for example a recessed lid or a double sealed lid.

The squat design of the chamber means that the installer doesnt have to dig too deep to install. 2 x anti-flotation rings at the top and bottom of the chamber prevent the systems from lifting out of the floor once installed.

All four 110mm inlets are pre drilled and fitted with 110mm rubber EDPM seals.

3 x 110mm blanking plugs are supplied for any unused inlets.

This chamber is fitted with 2 x KSB Amadrainer automatic pumps.These pumps have a max head of 6.5m and 166l per min flow. Mid curve performance is 4.5m with 85 l/min.

We have designed and installed into our chamber a clean water supply. This is a unique design feature of our products. The installer simply connects a mains water supply to the chamber with an isolation valve. This enables the quick and easy commisioning of the pumps and future servicing. No longer will you have to drag a dirty hose pipe through the clients property to test the pumps.

Our Pro range of chambers are fitted with a full height aluminium float switch slide, which will enable the installer to fit multiple float switches, with infinite adjustment possibilities.

We also offer companion alarm systems for monitoring water level, our Basic High Level Alarm and our more advanced Telemetry Alarm System.

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