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Basement Conversion Ideas to Enhance Your Home


Basement Conversion

With house prices at ever-higher levels, it makes sense to make the most of your property, which is why so many home owners are turning to basement conversions. As Location, Location, Location presenter, Phil Spencer says, “It is cheaper to build space than it is to buy it”. A basement conversion can add 20-30 percent to the value of your home, according to property website  What you do with the extra space depends entirely on your needs. Here are a few basement conversion ideas to help inspire you. 

Basement Conversion Idea #1: An Office

With around 16 percent of the UK workforce working from home, creating a home office in your basement can help you separate work from leisure – and close the door on the people you live with when you need to get your head down. Compact office furniture systems mean you don’t need a huge space to create a home office – and can leave ‘work’ for ‘home’ at the end of the day, rather than having your professional life eat into your recreation time. Depending on the basement design, you may also be able to have a separate entrance to your home office, which could be desirable, particularly if you see a lot of clients (or want to sub let the space).

Basement Conversion Idea #2: A Bedroom

Perhaps you need extra space as your family grows? Maybe a guest room would make it easier for friends and family to visit?  Or you might want to take advantage of the new trend for renting out a room of your home through AirBnB or similar to make some extra money. An extra bedroom in the basement can prove useful in many ways – and make your home more desirable.

Basement Conversion Idea #3: A Games/Hobby Room

Perhaps you love sewing, crafting, model trains or play a mean game of pool. A games room adds a touch of luxury to your home – and means you can keep your hobbies contained. As such, turning your basement into a games room could help you ensure you have space to enjoy your hobbies without annoying those you live with.

Basement Conversion Idea #4: A Wet Room

Wet rooms are currently proving very popular. In addition to being stylish, they can also be ideal for people with disabilities who struggle to use a normal shower. A wet room is also a great way to reduce pressure on the bathroom, particularly if you have a houseful of people trying to leave the house at the same time. Your basement conversion could help you get to work on time!

Basement Conversion Idea #5: A Bathroom

Of course, you could add a classic bathroom instead. However, do balance number of bathrooms against number of bedrooms. If you have a two bedroomed house, you’re likely to add more value by adding an extra bedroom than an extra bathroom. If you have a four bed with a single bathroom, adding a second bathroom may be the optimal choice. It’s worth thinking about what you really need the most before you decide what to do.

Basement Conversion Idea #6: A Study

If you’ve got school-aged kids, giving them a quiet room for studying may help encourage them to do their homework (you can only hope). And of course, a study gives adults a quiet place to escape to as well: perfect if one of you loves reading quietly and the other wants the TV on.

Basement Conversion Idea #7: A Home Cinema

The advantage of a basement is that noise carries less than it will through walls above-ground. A home cinema adds a touch of glamour to your home – and modern projector systems are far cheaper than they used to be, so it’s a more affordable option than you might think. A popcorn machine is an optional extra.

Basement Conversion Idea #8: A Gym

Why spend a fortune on gym membership when you can have your own home gym? And if your gym is in your basement, there’s no excuse to skimp on exercise because, ‘the gym’s closed.’

Basement Conversion Idea #9: A Den

Whether it’s designed for adults of children, a den or snug can give you a place to escape to – and perhaps decorate in your own style. A den can be an ideal way to ensure you have your own space -particularly ideal if you live with someone who has different taste in decor to you.

Basement Conversion Idea #10: A Bar

With pub prices ever-increasing, a home bar gives you somewhere original to socialise without breaking the bank. Add a pool table or dart board for a bar/games room hybrid.

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