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Tanking & Waterproofing

Restoration UK offer effective solutions for waterproofing and tanking homes and buildings.

For wet and penetrating damp we offer simple tanking solutions which can be easily sprayed on to external or internal damp walls, masonry and brickwork including basements and cellars and our cementitous tanking slurries can be used on damp walls and substrates to turn damp rooms into dry habitable spaces.

Our tanking waterproofing products are designed to provide you with the best protection against damp and include not only our tanking slurries but also our cementitous plugs, bonding additive agents, replastering and fillet seals.

What is tanking slurry? Tanking slurry provides a solution to water leakage or seepage within your home. It works by formulating insoluble crystals, which then develop into water baring capillaries effectively blocking any further passage of water to ensure that your walls are made permanently water tight. It is supplied as a powder which you then mix with water to apply directly to concrete or cement renders in areas where waterproofing is needed. It can be used in conjunction with our instant cementitous plug to stop running water immediately and prevent damp.

Our tanking range also offers waterproof tanking membranes for floors in all types of buildings.

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  • Waterproofing Tanking Slurry 25kg

    Waterproofing Tanking Slurry

    Our unique cementitious tanking slurry is the ideal waterproofing solution where water pressure is encountered within building structures i.e. cellars, bunds and other below ground areas. It is also suitable in providing a waterproof damp proofing barrier where damp proof course treatment may not be possible. The product is made up of many components, which give high water resistance, flexibility, salt resistance, good adhesion and set control in a form that only requires water for mixing.

    Our Tanking Slurry is a premixed formulation of plastic modified hydraulically setting powder. When mixed with water and SBR Bonding Agent it can be applied to a masonry substrate to form a monolithic bond, blocking the passage of water as well as becoming an integral part of the structure.

    SBR Bonding Agent should be used as a primer between coats and diluted 3:1 in the gauging water. This will create a structural waterproofing system commonly referred to as tanking within the industry.

    In certain circumstances we recommend the use of Salt Neutralisers where there is evidence of Salt contamination in the area to be tanked. Fillet Seal and Restor Set Rapid are also available for pressure areas where the wall meets the floor and where there is running or weeping water.Brush or spray application.25kg covers approximately 10 square metres with one coat. We recommed using 2 coats (this usage will give 5 square metres per bag).  Supplied in plastic container suitable for mixing.

    £50.00 excl. VAT £60.00 inc. VAT
  • Fillet Seal for Wall and Floor Joints 25kg

    Fillet Seal for Wall and Floor Joints

    Restoration UK Fillet Seal is usually used where wall meets floor.

    Our fast setting fillet seal gives added flexibility and water proofing qualities at vulnerable pressure points, including corners where wall meets floor.

    It can also be used for re-pointing or filling gaps prior to the first coat of Tanking Slurry.

    1 x 25 kilo tub covers approximately 15 - 20 Linear metres.

    £70.00 excl. VAT £84.00 inc. VAT
  • Vandex BB 75 Tanking Slurry (25kg)

    Vandex BB75 Tanking Slurry

    Vandex BB 75 is a cementitious, efflorescence-free surface tanking slurry with hydrophobic properties, resistant to water and moisture.

    Vandex BB 75 tanking slurry is applied by trowel or spray to surfaces such as concrete, masonry, and render, which have to be sealed and protected against the influence of water and moisture.

    Once cured, Vandex BB 75 tanking slurry forms a waterproof coating (tested up to 7 bar). It can be employed against active and passive water pressures, and is approved for use in contact with potable water. The initial and final bonding capability of Vandex BB 75 is excellent, making it suitable for application to horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. It is durable, resistant to frost and heat afer setting, whilst remaining vapour-permeable.

    The properties of Vandex BB 75 can be further enhanced by using the "Vandex PK75" or "Vandex Cemelast Liquid" polymers as a guaging solution - the resulting products being referred to as Vandex BB75 E and Vandex Cemelast.

    Supplied in plastic container suitable for mixing. 25kg covers approximately 5 square metres - 2 coats.

    £60.00 excl. VAT £72.00 inc. VAT
  • Vandex PK75 - Elasticiser for Tanking BB75 Slurry

    vandex PK75

    Vandex PK75 is a liquid polymer that is added to Vandex BB75 to form an elasticised waterproofing slurry known as Vandex BB75E. One pack of Vandex PK75 is used for each 25Kg bag of Vandex BB75.

    The addition of the PK75 polymer provides elasticity and enhanced crack-bridging properties to the waterproofing slurry which has been successfully tested up to 7 bar.

    Areas of application include:

    • Wall-floor junction in basement conversion projects
    • Surface waterproofing of internal or external walls
    • Areas experiencing cracking - e.g. construction joints
    • Areas where cracks or small deformations can occur - e.g. in tunnels and shafts
    • Adhesive for Vandex Construction Joint Tape
    £109.00 excl. VAT £130.80 inc. VAT
  • Vandex Unimortar 1 Waterproofing and Repair Mortar (25kg)

    Vandex Unimortar 1

    Vandex Unimortar 1 is a waterproofing and repair mortar that can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is applied in layers of 6 to 12mm thickness.

    Unimortar 1 is often used as a high-build tanking slurry. It has the advantage of being applied in a single coat which results in considerable time savings. Unimortar 1 is also often used to form a fillet at the wall-floor junction when basements, swimming pools, etc... are being tanked (e.g. using Vandex BB75).

    Vandex Unimortar 1 is WRAS approved for use in drinking water structures. A sulphate-resistant version of the product, Vandex Unimortar 1Z has been specifically developed for use in manhole/sewer refurbishment projects and when carrying out waterproofing & repairs to sewage treatment plants. Vandex Unimortar 1 is marked in compliance with EN1504-3.  Supplied in a tub suitable for mixing.

    £45.00 excl. VAT £54.00 inc. VAT
  • Super Floor Screed 25kg

    Super Floor Screed 25kg

    Our Super Floor Screed is a 25kg pre-packaged floor screeding mix containing a blend of special Portland cements, ground granulated blast furnace slag plus high quality continuously graded non ASR reactive aggregates. The product when mixed with water may be used for all general flooring over-screeding, flooring repairs and whenever a flowing concrete is required. The product is easily mixed and placed by regular screeding methods or may be pumped into large bays.

    Surfaces to be repaired should be roughened to produce a good mechanical key. Ensure all contact surfaces are clean and free of contamination. Concrete surfaces should be soaked then blown free of standing water. New concrete should be at least 14 days old before screeding. Existing floors with large cracks/holes may be treated with Super Floor Screed at a reduced water content to fill the cracks/holes.

    Yield: 25kg bag gives approximately 12.5 litres of mixed material. As a guide: 1 bag will give 0.5m² at 25mm thickness or 1m² at 12.5mm thickness. Product is supplied in a plastic tub.

    Super Screed is ready to use on site and when mixed with water  A thickness of 10mm to 75mm can be achieved. A primer/bonding coat of SBR is recommended. Please download the PDF data sheet (below) for further info.

    £44.00 excl. VAT £52.80 inc. VAT
  • Restor Set Rapid Instant Cementitous Plug 10kg

    Restor Set Rapid  Instant Cementitous plug

    Restor-Set Rapid is an instant cementitous plug to stop running water.

    It is also used to plug concrete panels, seal basements, concrete pipes, sewage systems, to fill cracks & build fillets. Supplied in 10kg Tubs. Restor-Set Rapid is used in situations where sealing against live water or grout movement is required.

    Features: Super fast curing - Ideal for plugging water leaks in concrete pipes and below-ground situations

    £73.00 excl. VAT £87.60 inc. VAT
  • Chloride and Sulphate Salt Neutraliser 5L

    Chloride and Sulphate Salt Neutraliser

    Chloride and Sulphate Salt Neutraliser is a solvent free salt neutraliser which targets Chlorides and Sulphates.

    It converts water soluble salts into insoluble or hardly soluble reactive compounds. As a result of this neutralisation chlorides and sulphates which are present in the masonry cannot be transported by the gauging solution used in a Tanking Slurry coat or Fillet Seal. It may be brushed onto existing plaster surfaces to neutralise emerging salts and is suitable for use on brick, blockwork, stonework, sound render and sound plaster.

    £39.00 excl. VAT £46.80 inc. VAT
  • SBR Bonding Additive Agent

    SBR Bonding Additive Agent

    Restoration UK's SBR bonding agent is a full strength white styrene butadiene emulsion additive used to improve the properties of cement renders, screeds and mortars, improving flexural and adhesion and increasing tensile strength. When using as a primer, let down 1 part SBR to 5 parts water. SBR can also be added directly into tanking slurry.

    Supplied in 1 or 5 litre containers.

    £5.50 excl. VAT £6.60 inc. VAT
  • Vandex Mineralit Surface Hardening Agent 10L


    Vandex Mineralit is a surface-hardening agent for concrete and cementitious surfaces . Can also be used on brickwork. Once applied, a physio-chemical process occurs, resulting in an improvement in the surface structure of cementitious building materials. The crystallization reactions resulting from the high silicic acid content produce compounds which improve the strength and density of the substrate.

    Vandex Mineralit is approved under WRAS in the UK for use in drinking water structures.

    The substrate must be clean and free of any contamination and weak material. The substrate must be dry at the time of application. Apply Vandex Mineralit in one to two coats, by brush or low pressure spray.

    £68.00 excl. VAT £81.60 inc. VAT

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