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Looking for help with your building restoration project? Look no further - we have all the damp proofing, waterproofing, wood treatments and condensation control equipment and products you'll ever need...

What's more, we even offer free techical advice and next day delivery to ensure you get what you need, when you need it!

Restoration UK Ltd is an independent company providing a full range of chemicals, products and equipment for the remedial and restoration industry, including damp proofing, tanking as well as wood and timber treatments.

If you're a builder or home owner with a building or restoration project and need to overcome damp problems including rising damp or penetrating damp, or you are waterproofing buildings, converting cellars, managing condensation, or overcoming woodworm, dry rot or mould, dealing with graffiti removal and odour control you will find everything you need from Restoration UK - the UK's leading stockist of damp proofing, waterproofing and wood treatment products.

We offer in-house technical advice to assist you in diagnosing any damp or wood and timber problem by offering independent surveys and lab analysis - or simply advising you which product will help you to deal with your problem. 

With our vast product range and next day delivery service we can solve your problem quickly and effectively.  If you have a problem you need to address, from damp proofing to timber treatments please call one of our technical experts or simply review our comprehensive range of products on this website.

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New Products

  • Newton 805 Newlath (Formerly Newlath 2000) Damp Proofing Membrane (1.5m x 10m)

    Newton 805 Newlath (Formerly Newlath 2000) Damp Proofing Membrane (1.5m x 10m)

    Previously known as Newlath 2000, Newton 805 Newlath from John Newton is a clear meshed waterproofing membrane which will allow you to plaster/render straight on to the product or dot and dab in conjunction with plasterboard.

    Used to treat damp walls, this meshed waterproofing membrane is 0.5mm thick with 5mm studs and has a pattern of raised studs linked by reinforcing ribs. The studs face the wall and create air channels that allow for vapour equalisation to take place between the membrane and the wall. It is also supported by BBA Certification, Certificate Number 00/3716.

    Newton 805 Newlath is supplied on a 1.5m x 10m roll which will cover 15 square metres and can be used in conjunction with Plaster plugs, Fleeceband and other plastic membrane butyl tapes.

    £88.00 excl. VAT £105.60 inc. VAT
  • RUK Universal Membrane Plugs with seal (Bags of 100)

    RUK Universal Membrane Plugs with seal (Bags of 100)

    Our popular and versatile RUK Universal Membrane Plugs complete with seal are available in bags of 100 plugs.

    These ready sealed quick fix universal membrane plugs for all membranes in all substrates are suitable for use above or below ground. Complete with a seal, they ensure that no damp can penetrate through the fixings when membrane is being used below ground level. If you wish to use these plugs with plaster membrane they are fine for a dot and dab plaster board finish but for a straight forward plaster we would recommend a plug with a flatter head. e.g. RUK Plaster Plugs or Delta Plugs.

    When applying, just use a 10mm drill bit to get a secure fix and a large head hammer to gently drive the plug into pre-drilled hole making certain that a good even seal is achieved.  These plugs will also accept screws in the back for battening etc.

    Length 55mm.
    Diameter of head 25mm.

    £31.00 excl. VAT £37.20 inc. VAT
  • Restor 39 Epoxy Resin Floor / Wall Coating Sealer

    Restor 39 Epoxy Resin Floor / Wall Coating Sealer

    If you're looking for an odourless sealer coating for use on cementitious or brick surfaces to provide a dust-proof and easily cleaned surface then Restor 39 is the perfect product for you.

    Restor 39 is a two component, water dispersible epoxy resin system, which when mixed forms a hard, flexible and semi-matt seal to concrete and other substances.

    Restor 39 will work best when applied to a clean, untreated susbtrate.  Wooden and laminated flooring plus Underlay and carpet can be used directly over the Restor 39 but please note a rubber backed underlay (or lino) can cause condensation between the products.

    As the product is transparent, Restor 39 can be used on walls and floors where the original finish is still required to be seen i.e. teracotta tiles, feature brick walls etc.

    Suitable for areas of pedestrian and light traffic including outside patios, garage floors, cellar floors (and walls), it's a water dispersible, epoxy floor coating and sealer that once cured it is resistant to penetration by liquids, including oil, petrol and mild chemicals.

    Available in two sizes: 2.5L (£58.00) and 5L (£110.00).

    Also available in Grey - please call 01509 216323.

    £58.00 excl. VAT £69.60 inc. VAT

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